Medicare Frequently Asked Questions:
Annual Enrollment is every year from October 15th until December 7th. During this time you are allowed to switch plans if you decide that it is appropriate to do so. Any change in plans will take place on January 1st.

Do I have to re-enroll every year to keep my coverage?
The short answer is no. It may be in your best interest to explore new options, but if you have no problems with your current plan and your company hasn’t notified you of changes you are not comfortable with, you can keep it.

Do I need to meet in person to compare plans?
Absolutely not. I have been doing all of my appointments by phone or webinar since March. I can simply send you an email with a link for you to join me in a webinar and then I can share my screen with you so you can see everything I am looking at. We can compare any type of Medicare plan you would like from the safety of your home.

What about the $35 insulin I have heard about?
Some Prescription Drug Plans and Advantage Plans will have a selection of insulin choices at $35 per month. This will create a major savings for many clients. This does not apply to clients on Medicaid and Dual Special Needs Plans because their plans are already at a lower out of pocket cost.

What can I purchase with my Over The Counter Card (OTC)?
Always check your OTC catalog for a complete list, but here are common products available with many plans:
Cold and cough medicines
Flu medication
Antibiotic ointment
Denture related products
Digestive medications
Orthopedic support
Pain relievers
Sleep aids
Incontinence supplies
Vitamins and supplements
This is just a partial list of the many products available.

What is the best plan in Spokane?
There are many quality plans available in Spokane. The best fit for you may not be the right plan for your friend or relative. It is always based on a combination of factors such as: Are all of your physicians in the network? Are all of your prescriptions covered in the plan? Are you happy with the additional benefits such as dental, vision, fitness, hearing aids and OTC? A few plans even offer a debit card that can be used for healthy foods and fresh vegetables every month. A phone call is all it takes to compare these benefits and see if there is another option appropriate for you.

Does Medicare cover testing for Covid 19?
Yes, Original Medicare and Advantage plans are required to cover the costs of Covid-19. This includes the cost of the doctor visit as well as the cost of testing. You should always try to stay in network but Covid testing is available out of network if necessary.

You are welcome to call me if you have other questions concerning Medicare.
John Fox

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