Not Covered by Medicare

Medicare covers medically necessary procedures. Many people are confused about what Medicare does not cover because of the Medicare Advantage plan advertisements. It is important to remember that Advantage plans can offer additional benefits that Medicare does not provide. (This does not mean that an Advantage plan is the appropriate choice for everyone)

Here is a partial list of items not covered with original Medicare:

*Alternative medicine, which includes experimental procedures, acupuncture, and chiropractic services except when manipulation of the spine is medically necessary to fix subluxation of the spine.

*Cosmetic surgery, unless it is needed to improve the function of a malformed part of the body.

*Most dental care

*Hearing aids, although in some cases implants are covered to treat severe hearing loss.

*Personal care, including help with bathing, dressing and eating when it is the only help you need.

*Custodial care, (homemaker services) including light housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation when it is the only care you need.

*Long term care, except during a Medicare covered skilled nursing facility stay.

*Most vision care, including eyeglasses and examinations for prescribing or fitting eyeglasses. (Except following cataract surgery)

This is just a partial list of services Medicare does not cover. You are responsible for the full cost of care if you receive a service that Medicare does not cover.

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